Question: When are the courses offered?

Answer: The core courses are offered outside of a 9AM-5PM schedule. Typically, Grad 710, GRAD 711 and GRAD 726 are offered in the fall, GRAD 712 and GRAD 714 are offered in the spring, and GRAD 713 is offered in both the fall and spring. However, course offering schedules may fluctuate due to instructor availability and student interest. Please confirm schedules and meeting times in ConnectCarolina.

Question: Can I register for one of the courses if I am not enrolled in the certificate?

Answer: Yes, you can complete a course without being enrolled in the certificate.  However, you should apply to the certificate as soon as possible if you plan to enroll in the certificate.

Question: Will enrolling in one or more of the GRAD courses cause my tuition to increase?

Answer: Please confirm your total credit hours with your student services manager. Most of the certificate courses are 1.5 credits or fewer. Students who are enrolled full-time (nine credit hours for a graduate student) or enrolled in three research credit hours should be able to add a 1.5-credit-hour class with no additional tuition charge. Please review the 2019-20 tuition and fee rates.

Question: Are there any prerequisites to enroll in any of the courses?

Answer: There are no prerequisites. However, GRAD 711 builds on the writing skills established in GRAD 710. Students are most successful when GRAD 710 and GRAD 711 are taken sequentially.

Question: Can post-doctoral fellows enroll in the courses?

Answer: Yes, post-doctoral fellows can enroll in the courses.  Please view credit programs for part-time students at the UNC Friday Center for Continuing Education for enrollment information.

Question: Can individuals who are not current students at UNC Chapel Hill complete the certificate?

Answer: The Graduate Certificate in Business Fundamentals is solely intended for graduate students at UNC Chapel Hill at this time.